In 2018, the field stage of work began at the subsurface site Kalyumnoe. A shift camp was equipped for year-round, comfortable work and accommodation for 40 people, with the possibility of expanding in the summer to 120 people. A delivery of people and goods to the site was organized. A significant amount of prospecting traverses on a regular network has been carried through, a reference collection has been built. The first trenches were cut out by means of heavy equipment. The first thousand trench channel samples of continuous testing were taken. The first stage of geophysical research has been completed.
In 2019, a technological road was opened to the site to allow the passage of vehicles. The drilling program was launched together with the specialists of Russian Drilling Company. During the year, 45 boreholes were drilled in two stages; most of them were under the project. The bulk of prospecting and exploration of trenches with continuous channel sampling was carried out. The second stage of geophysical research has been completed. Prospecting traverses over the regular network have been made. Thousands of sections were made and described, and extensive analytical studies were carried out. The scope of work on the areas where we plan to supply reserves of categories C1 and C2 is 80% completed. 
In 2020, it is planned to complete the drilling program in the third stage. During the field season, the completion of the volume of trench prospecting and exploration will be performed. Prospecting traverses are now planned in more detail in order to tie up profiles and compile the most reliable geological map. It is planned to be completed during the third stage of geophysical research. 

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